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Table 4 CFA model fit for each adapted dimensional structure

From: A three-model comparison of the relationship between quality, satisfaction and loyalty: an empirical study of the Chinese healthcare system

Study 1 Instrument adaptation Standardized loading Variance extracted Construct reliability
Health care perceived quality (5 items)   0.722 0.903
Providing services at the promised time 0.819   
Providing service as promised 0.846   
Employees have the knowledge to answer patient questions 0.875   
Readiness to respond to patient requests 0.860   
Performing services right the first time 0.849   
Patient satisfaction (3 items)   0.852 0.913
How would you rate the overall quality of service provided by your hospital? 0.932   
Thinking about this hospital overall, please rate the value you feel you get for your money. 0.905   
Overall, how satisfied are you with your hospital? 0.934