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Table 3 Costs of the hearing screening test, subsequent tests and diagnosis

From: The cost-effectiveness of tracking newborns with bilateral hearing impairment in Bavaria: a decision-analytic model

Name OAE (in %) AABR (in %) Both, OAE and AABR (in %) Mean Comment
c_1st_test_2stagesa 95.2e/0f 4.8e/7.66f 0e/0f €42.22 (0.952*c_OAE_inpatient+0.048*c_AABR_inpatient)+0.0766*c_AABR_inpatient
c_2nd_test_1stage_ENTb 74.7 14.9 10.4 €38.99 (0.104g+0.149)*c_AABR_outpatient_ENT+0.747*c_OAE_outpatient_ENT+c_lumpsum_ENT
c_3rd_test_1stage_ENTc 40.3 38.8 20.9 €43.39 (0.209g+0.388)*c_AABR_outpatient_ENT+0,403*c_OAE_outpatient_ENT+c_lumpsum_ENT
c_test_PAd 0 100 0 €91.83 c_lumpsum_PA+c_MEM_reflex_outpatient_PA+c_AABR_outpatient_PA
  1. aCosts of the initial two-stage hearing screening test performed in hospital; bCosts of 2nd test performed by office-based ENT physicians; cCosts of 3rd test performed by office-based ENT physicians; dCosts of confirmatory diagnostic testing performed by pediatric audiologists; e1st stage; f2nd stage; gCosts of OAE are included in costs of AABR; AABR: automated auditory brainstem response, ENT: ear, nose, and throat, MEM: middle ear muscle, OAE: otoacoustic emissions, PA: pediatric audiologist.