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Table 1 Selected questions from semi-structured interview guide

From: Use of medical tourism for hip and knee surgery in osteoarthritis: a qualitative examination of distinctive attitudinal characteristics among Canadian patients

Interview Guide Section Selected Questions
Health status How would you characterize your overall state of health?
Are you presently under the care of any specialists?
Logistics of care abroad When was it that you traveled to __________________ for the procedure?
Did you have any concerns about recovering from the procedure away from home? What were they?
Experiences abroad What are some of the key differences between health care here and ____________? Why?
Did you have any complications after your surgery or complications from your surgery? What were they? Where were they taken care of (Canada or abroad)?
Decision-making What concerns, if any, did you have about traveling to _____________ for _________ procedure?
Why did you decide to get _________________ done?
Ethical considerations Did your plan to go abroad for surgery raise any ethical concerns for you?
Did other people raise any ethical concerns regarding your trip and surgery?