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Table 2 Synthesis of the content of the policies studied

From: Transversal analysis of public policies on user fees exemptions in six West African countries

  Benin Burkina Mali Niger Senegal Togo
Services exempted (year of initiation) Caesareans (2009) All types of deliveries (2006/2007) Caesareans (2005) and antimalaria treatments (2007) Caesareans (2005) and consultations for children under 5 years (2006) Consultations for persons over the age of 60 years (2006) ARV treatment for PLHIV (2008)
Source of financing State State State (with partners for malaria inputs) State and partners State State and partners
Reimbursement method Fixed-rate reimbursement by the act Fixed-rate reimbursement by the act (plus actual expenses) Provision of inputs (and fixed-rate reimbursement of acts for caesareans) Fixed-rate reimbursement Drug vouchers and budget allocation Provision of inputs
Governance Independent national agency Cell of the Ministry of Health’s Department of Health and Family Steering committees Free healthcare services steering committee of the Ministry of Health Steering committee National Anti-AIDS Program
  1. Sources: country case studies and [18].