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Table 2 Implementation activities

From: “More bang for the buck”: exploring optimal approaches for guideline implementation through interviews with international developers

Type of activity Activity Exemplary quotes
Making guidelines available for users to acquire them Journals · Not only in our journal but we’ll try to get it into up to six other professional journals depending on the discipline (06)
· All of the guidelines are streamlined for peer review publication (12)
· We produce articles in medical journals (15)
· We will get it published in a peer reviewed journal as a supplement or summary of the guideline (21)
  Web site · We post guidelines on our web site (08)
· The main strategy is our web site (24)
· We make them available on the Guidelines International Network web site (01)
· We also submit our guidelines to the Guideline Clearinghouse and the Guidelines International Network (21)
Alerts Communicated to members · The bi-annual newsletter includes a page on guidelines (08)
· We’ve got a newsletter that we circulate quarterly (20)
  Communicated via media · We do media launches at medical conference (20)
· Media releases to the medical press (21)
· Mass media campaign (22)
Distributing guidelines or guideline alerts Regular mail · We make about 20,000 copies of our documents and they’re distributed nationally (10)
· Mailings whenever they’re revised (11)
· A paper based format is sent out (17)
Electronic mail · We send email to our membership (05)
· We will disseminate an electronic version as widely as possible using extensive email networks (21)
Active promotion and support of guideline use Educational meetings · Case-based workshops at our annual meeting (06)
· We do a lot of workshops (09)
· Rounds are telecast across the region (13)
· We host an annual implementation conference where people talk about what they have done and share good ideas and practices (15)
· Regional and national presentations (26)
Educational courses · We set up an online course where clinicians can compare their practice to the guidelines (07)
· Our web modules include text, videos, and self audit questions (24)
· We offer short learning courses online that introduce a topic along with multiple choice questions (25)
Individualized instruction · Academic detailing (05)
· Staff meet with care providers to educate them about guidelines (13)
Champions or mentors · We have champions in the community (10)
· We identify champions in each area (15)
· We have a network of physician champions (17)
Partnerships for advocacy or accountability · We worked with hospitals to become an accredited centres of excellence (01)
· There’s an advocacy side working with government (10)
· We have expanded programs through the Ministry of Health (17)
· We work with professional colleges (25)