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Table 2 The frequency of read codes used to define upper gastrointestinal cases in the general practice research database

From: Defining upper gastrointestinal bleeding from linked primary and secondary care data and the effect on occurrence and 28 day mortality

Read code description Read code Frequency
Haematemesis J680.00 10918
Melaena J681.00 6957
GIB - Gastrointestinal bleeding J68z.11 3464
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage J68.00 1203
Coffee ground vomit 4A24.11 968
Mallory - Weiss tear J108.00 755
Vomiting of blood J680.11 494
Mallory-Weiss syndrome J107.00 427
Upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage J68z200 280
Oesophageal varices with bleeding G850.00 211
C/O – melaena 19E4.12 160
Acute haemorrhagic gastritis J150000 108
Blood in vomit – symptom 1994.11 104
Blood in stools altered J681.13 80
Bleeding acute gastric ulcer J110111 74
Bleeding chronic duodenal ulcer J121111 61
Gastric haemorrhage NOS J68z000 60
Gastrointestinal tract haemorrhage NOS J68zz00 48
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage unspecified J68z.00 33
Vomiting blood – fresh 1994.00 30
Vomiting blood - coffee ground 1995.00 30
Unspecified duodenal ulcer with haemorrhage J12y100 25
Intestinal haemorrhage NOS J68z100 23
Acute duodenal ulcer with haemorrhage J120100 19
Altered blood in stools J681.12 18
Melaena - O/E of faeces 4737.11 16
Acute gastric ulcer with haemorrhage J110100 13
Faeces colour: tarry 4737.00 12
Vomit: coffee ground 4A24.00 12
Haemorrhage of oesophagus J10y000 11
Aorto-duodenal fistula G762000 7
Bleeding chronic gastric ulcer 761D500 6
Endoscopic injection haemostasis of duodenal ulcer J111111 6
Oversew of blood vessel of duodenal ulcer 7627200 4
Gastrotomy and ligation of bleeding point of stomach 4A23.11 3
Blood in vomit O/E 7619100 3
Chronic duodenal ulcer with haemorrhage J111100 3
Chronic gastric ulcer with haemorrhage J121100 3
Acute duodenal ulcer with haemorrhage and perforation 4A23.00 2
Chronic peptic ulcer with haemorrhage J11y100 2
Vomit: frank blood present J120300 2
Unspecified gastric ulcer with haemorrhage J131100 2
Unspec duodenal ulcer; unspec haemorrhage and/or perforation J111300 1
Unspecified peptic ulcer with haemorrhage J12y300 1
Chronic gastric ulcer with haemorrhage and perforation J12yy00 1
Unspecified duodenal ulcer with haemorrhage and perforation J13y100 1
Total   26661