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Table 1 How the three different 30-day mortality measures (W30D, S30D and IH30D) account for deaths when place and time of death varies

From: Comparing hospital mortality – how to count does matter for patients hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), stroke and hip fracture

   W30D S30D IH30D§
Place of death In-hospital, during initial admission Yes Yes Yes
  In-hospital during a subsequent admission Yes No Yes
  Outside hospital Yes Yes No
Start for counting number of days From Day 0 at the initial hospital Yes Yes No
  From Day 0 at each hospital in the chain of admission No No Yes
Weight attributed to each hospital (Days at hospital)/ total hospital days) Yes No No
  Unweighted No Yes Yes
Transferred patients included Yes Yes No Yes
  1. ‘Yes’ indicate that the actual place or time of death are included.
  2. W30D: In-and-out-of-hospital mortality within 30 days, attributing the outcome to all hospitals by fraction of time spent in each hospital for transferred patients.
  3. S30D: In-and-out-of-hospital mortality within 30 days, patients treated at one hospital only.
  4. §IH30D: In-hospital mortality within 30 days, for each hospital admission.