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Table 1 Respondents’ characteristics, September 2009 (N=725)

From: The role of health extension workers in improving utilization of maternal health services in rural areas in Ethiopia: a cross sectional study

Characteristics of respondents Frequency (no./%)
Number of participants per district
District 1 : Degua Tembien 240(33.1)
District 2: Saesi Tsadamba 244(33.7)
District 3: Alaje 241(33.2)
Age of respondents
24 and less 106(14.6%)
25 and above 619(85.4%)
Educational level
Illiterate (unable to read and write) 576(79.4)
Illiterate (able to read and write) 149(20.6)
Marital status
Yes, currently married 644(88.8%)
Not in a union 81(11.2%)
Do you listen to radio
No 439(60.6)
Yes 286(39.4)
Participation in income generating activities (IGAs)
Poor Participation: in 2 and less IGAs 456(62.9)
Good participation: in 3 and more IGAs 269(37.1)
Year of enrolment in HEP
Do not know 159(21.9)
2004-2006 238(32.8)
2007-2009 328(45.2)
Household status towards graduation as model family
Did not hear about model family 264(36.4)
Have heard but not at all working towards graduation 278(38.3)
Working towards graduation or graduated as model family 183(25.2)