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Table 2 A theory-based framework of analysis with emerging sub-themeshelping (+) or hindering (−), quotations are described in text

From: Clinical decision support must be useful, functional is not enough: a qualitative study of computer-based clinical decision support in primary care

Content of computer-based decision support guidance Usefulness for professional’s work (+)
Non-helpfulness for professional’s work (−)
Reliability (+)
Quality (+)
System functionality Ease of use (+)
Speed (+)
Too much, too small text (−)
Impracticality (−)
Professional-associated features Motivation (+/−)
General attitude (+)
Poor competence (−)
Patient-associated features Reasons for visit (−)
Low thresholds for reminders (−)
Environment-related features Busy practice (−)
Swine-flu epidemic (−)
Other features Development issues (+)