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Table 1 Items on the "Child" scales

From: Patient satisfaction in pediatric outpatient settings from the parents’ perspective - The Child ZAP: A psychometrically validated standardized questionnaire

Scale Description and explanation/instructions in the questionnaire Items
  Relationship with your child … Understanding of your child?
   … Empathy for your child?
   … Time spent with your child?
   … Taking your child seriously?
   … Encouragement and support of your child?
   … Patience with your child?
Child - Interaction In general (not merely based on the last visit), how satisfied are you with this pediatrician's: … Treating your child as an individual?
  Relationship with your child … is appropriate for my child's age.
Child - Information How would you rate the information your child has received from this pediatrician? … is appropriate for my child's development status.
  The information my child has received: … is appropriate for my child's capacity and willingness to absorb the information.
  Relationship with your child · He/She informs my child of different choices of treatment.
Child – Decision making How does this pediatrician involve your child in decision making and in processes such as examination and treatment? · He/She informs my child of the advantages and disadvantages of the different choices of treatment.
   · He/She then asks my child which treatment the child prefers.
   · I am satisfied with the extent to which my child is involved in decision making.