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Table 1 Unit prices used to value resources consumed (2009–2010 Canadian dollar)

From: Cost-effectiveness of compression technologies for evidence-informed leg ulcer care: results from the Canadian Bandaging Trial

Item of resource Unit Unit cost ($) Source
High compression bandages    
Four-layer bandage (4LB) system Kit 29.55 Site data*
Short-stretch bandage (SSB) system    
6 cm bandage Each 11.69 Site data*
8 cm bandage Each 13.90 Site data*
10 cm bandage Each 14.89 Site data*
12 cm bandage Each 17.27 Site data*
Padding Each 2.91 Site data*
Typically used SSB system    
6 cm + 8 cm + padding System 28.50 Site data*
8 cm + 10 cm + padding System 31.70 Site data*
10 cm + 12 cm + padding System 35.07 Site data*
Hourly nursing wage Hour 35.15 ONA
Health services utilization    
Family doctor visit Visit 34.70 OHIP
Specialist visit Visit 68.31 OHIP
Emergency room visit Visit 252.00 OHIP
Outpatient hospital visit Visit 426.00 OCCI§
Time cost of lost work due to leg ulcer Hour 9.41 HRSD
  1. Abbreviations: ONA: Ontario Nursing Association. OCCI: Ontario Case Costing Initiative. OHIP: Ontario Health Insurance Plan database. HRSD: Department of Human Resources and Skills Development. Notes: *Unit prices are for illustration purposes only; the analysis uses site-specific prices (see Methods). Average full-time hourly rate of an RN [22]. Mean costs of physician services from OHIP database (see Methods). §Average direct (and overhead) cost of ambulatory care visits [25]. Average minimum hourly wages across provinces [26].