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Table 1 Psychosocial questionnaire measures and administration times

From: Design of a prostate cancer patient navigation intervention for a Veterans Affairs hospital

Baseline/outcome measure Questionnaire Survey administration times
Baseline Time 1 Time 2
(after referral for abnormal screen) (within 3 months ofnegative diagnosis) (within 3 months ofpositive diagnosis) (3 months after treatment initiation)
Health literacy Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine [25] X    
Comorbid conditions that may alter risk of mortality Charlson Comorbidity Index [24] X    
Anxiety and stress Perceived Stress Scale [26] X    
Perceived functional support Medical Outcomes Study-Social Support Survey [27] X    
Predisposition for fatalistic attitudes directed at health Wallston Multi-Dimensional Locus of Control [28] X    X
Distrust towards health care system Health Care System Distrust [29] X X   X
Patient engagement in own health care *Communication and Attitudinal Self-Efficacy - General [30]   X   
Patient engagement in own cancer care *Communication and Attitudinal Self-Efficacy - Cancer [30]     X
Subjective distress related to a specific event *Impact of Events [31]   X X X
Satisfaction with cancer-related care *Patient Satisfaction with Care [32]   X X X
Satisfaction with patient navigation services Patient Satisfaction with Navigator [33]   X X X
  1. *Administered to a subsample of prospective control participants for national PNRP analysis.