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Table 4 Results of the ordinary least-squares regression analysis of the hospital-specific fixed effect

From: Efficacy of a numerical value of a fixed-effect estimator in stochastic frontier analysis as an indicator of hospital production structure

  Coefficient S.E. Standardized coefficient Variance inflation factor
Constant term 0.332 0.109   
Advanced treatment hospital −0.115 0.038 −0.416 2.877
Casemix index 0.455 0.107 0.554 2.505
Number of doctors per unit of population 0.004 0.004 0.103 1.453
Number of hospitals per unit of population 7.63E–05 0.000 0.221 1.211
Proportion aged ≥  65 years 0.123 0.410 0.030 1.498
Adjusted R squared 0.147    
F-statistics 5.333    
  1. ***p < 0.01 **p < 0.05.
  2. The results of ordinary least-squares regression were that three out of the five explanatory variables were statistically significant. In terms of the factors of hospital characteristics, status as an advanced treatment hospital and the Casemix index were significant. In terms of the hospital location, the number of hospitals per unit of population was statistically significant.