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Table 2 Comparison of the Hungarian Critical Appraisal Checklist to some other international checklists

From: Attempt to increase the transparency of fourth hurdle implementation in Central-Eastern European middle income countries: publication of the critical appraisal methodology

Name of the checklist Drummond/CASP checklist British Medical Journal (BMJ) checklist Consensus Health Economic Criteria (CHEC) list Quality of Health Economic Studies (QHES) grading system Hungarian Critical Appraisal Checklist
Number of questions 10 / 12 35 19 16 91
Answer options YES/NO/Can't tell YES/NO/Not appropriate YES/NO YES/NO YES/NO/Not relevant
Quantitative assessment (including weighting different items) available? no no no yes no
Reference [20, 24] [15, 22] [14, 22] [13, 22] NA.