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Table 6 List of development and health partners in the two study districts

From: Primary health care in rural Malawi - a qualitative assessment exploring the relevance of the community-directed interventions approach

Name of partner/stakeholder   Areas of specialty
  A. Mangochi  
1. Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA)   - Developmental, health and education
2. Catholic Development Commission (Cadecom)   - Developmental, food security
3. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)   - Food security
4. Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF)   - Infrastructure development
5. Save Orphans Ministry (SOM)   - Home based care of orphans
6. Safe Motherhood Project   - Community based reproductive health
7. Namwera Aids Coordinating Committee (NACC)   - HIV/AIDS in community
8. Emmanuel International   - Food security and health
9. Christian Hospitals Association in Malawi (CHAM)   - Provision of curative health services
10. Muslim Association of Malawi   - Health and education services
11. Save the Children   - Education and health in community
12. Population Services International (PSI)   - Social marketing
13. Management Sciences for Health (MSH)   - Essential health services
  B. Mzimba  
1. World Vision International (WVI)   - Food security and health
2. United Nations Children’s and Emergency Fund (UNICEF)   - Health, education, water and sanitation
3. Action Aid   - Development and food security
4. Plan Malawi   - Education and food security
5. Cord Aid   - Health
6. Every Child   - Child protection
7. Africare   - Community development
8. Tovwirane   - HIV/AIDS in community
9. Catholic Development Commission (Cadecom)   - Developmental, food security