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Table 6 Summary of suggestions for improvements to healthcare delivery by focus group participants and healthcare providers

From: Two sides of the coin: patient and provider perceptions of health care delivery to patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENTS Arabic Sudanese Tongan Chinese Vietnamese Health-care Providers
Increases in human resourcing       
More effective interpreters   x x x x x
More multicultural health professionals x x   x x x
More health providers in general x x   x x x
Increase in provision of health-related information       
General need for literacy x x x x x x
Chronic disease   x    x x
Common disease in Australia   x    x  
Epidemics   x   x   
Prevention of back pain     x   
Mental illness   x     
Arthritis   x     
Healthy lifestyle   x     x
Alternative therapy   x     
Prevention/causes of illness   x     x
Health system   x   x   x
Preferred medium of health-related information       
Brochures x x     
TV/audio x x   x   
Radio    x x x  
Newspapers     x x  
Internet    x x   x
Preferred method of dissemination of health-related information       
Community associations/churches x x x x x x
GP or other health provider x x   x x x
Government via community association or directly x x x x   x