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Table 4 Summary of perceptions of the accessibility of health care services by focus group participants and providers

From: Two sides of the coin: patient and provider perceptions of health care delivery to patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

EMERGENT THEMES Arabic Sudanese Tongan Chinese Vietnamese Health-care Providers
Proximity of health services       
Convenient x x   x x  
Far away   x     x
Will travel to preferred provider   x x    x
Availability of Services       
Lack of available providers overall x x   x x x
Long waiting list for specialists x    x x x
Long waiting time for treatment in emergency departments x x x x x x
Long operation waiting lists x x    x  
Shortage of beds in hospitals x x x    
Lack of knowledge of health system/services   x x x   x
Socioeconomic factors impacting on access to healthcare       
Expense of services x x   x x x
Expense of medication x x     x
Restricted access to bulk-billing services       x