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Table 1 Unit prices (all unit prices are expressed in euros at 2008 values)

From: Empirical analysis shows reduced cost data collection may be an efficient method in economic clinical trials

Resource category Unit price in euros (2008)   Units
Direct healthcare    
  General practitioner 20.65 per contact
  Internist 44.44 per contact
  Orthopaedist 27.92 per contact
  Neurologist 18.30 per contact
  Ophthalmologist 31.17 per contact
  Otolaryngologist 29.64 per contact
  Gynaecologist 32.03 per contact
  Dermatologist 18.62 per contact
  Urologist 34.41 per contact
  Other 27.43 per contact
 Physiotherapist 13.75 per contact
 Ambulatory clinic in hospital 40.31 per contact
 Inpatient care/hospital 511.07 per day
 Inpatient care/intensive care unit 1199.14 per day
 Inpatient rehabilitation 100.00 per day
 Outpatient rehabilitation 1535.00 per stay
 Drugs various quantity - according to medication
Direct non-healthcare
 Outpatient nursing service 28.30 per hour
 Paid household help 15.70 per hour
 Informal care    
 care level    
   none 0 per month
   1 215.00 per month
   2 420.00 per month
   3 675.00 per month