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Table 1 Variables collected in the Electronic Patient Tracking System

From: An assessment of the accuracy and availability of data in electronic patient tracking systems for patients receiving HIV treatment in central Mozambique

Administrative Health Services
-Clinic identification number -Patient identification number
-Patient identification number -Date of visit
-Date of enrollment at HIV clinic -Type of provider seen
-Pregnancy status at time of enrollment -Pregnant at time of visit
-Number of months pregnant at enrollment -Temperature
-Age -Weight
-Gender -Height
-Site of HIV testing -CD4 count
-Date of HIV testing -CD4 percentage
-Results of HIV testing -Date of CD4 count
-City of residence -Viral load
-Neighborhood of residence -Date of viral load
-Marital status -Clinical diagnoses*
-Type of employment -WHO stage
-Years of education -CTX prophylaxis
-Type of higher education -TB prophylaxis
-Patient active at HIV clinic (yes/no) -Patient receiving ART
-Reason patient left HIV clinic -Type of ART regimen
-Date patient left HIV clinic -Type of ART refill visit
-Date the HIV clinic found out patient left -# of pills dispensed
-Exit comments -Next refill date
-ART committee date -Receiving TB treatment
-Patient receiving ART (yes/no) -Comments
-ART start date  
-Type of ART initiation (new patient or transferred from another facility)  
-Comments about treatment  
-Pregnancy status at time of treatment initiation  
-Prophylaxis for PMTCT  
-Prophylaxis type  
-Prophylaxis date  
  1. *includes 63 clinical diagnoses; HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus; ART - Antiretroviral Therapy; WHO - World Health Organization; PMTCT - Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission; CTX - Cotrimaxazole; TB - Tuberculosis; CD4 - Cluster of Differentiation 4