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Table 3 Emerging themes and sub-themes in the study

From: Listening to health workers: lessons from Eastern Uganda for strengthening the programme for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Themes Sub-themes
Ensure constant availability of supplies for PMTCT Provide requirements for health workers to offer PMTCT services - HIV test kits, ARVs for mothers and babies
Ensure availability of skilled and up-to-date health workers (HWs) Re-fresher training for all health workers when PMTCT policies and guidelines change
Provide support for mothers beyond HIV testing Psycho-social support for women through support groups and follow-up visits by health workers.
Ensure adequate integration and universal rollout of PMTCT services Avail maternity services at lower health facilities, provide ARVs for mothers in ANC
Deal with the challenge of continuing HIV stigma Provide ARVs and other drugs within the maternal and child health clinics
Address heavy work load of health workers Adequate number and categories of HWs, supportive PMTCT aids - IEC materials