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Table 1 Characteristics of study health facilities

From: Listening to health workers: lessons from Eastern Uganda for strengthening the programme for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Name and level of study Health facilityd Year when PMTCT services starteda Provides maternity
Mbale Hospital 2002 Yes
Bufumbo HC IV 2005 Yes
Bukedea HC IVb 2005 yes
Iki Iki HC III 2008 yes
Nakaloke HC III 2008 yes
Maluku HC III 2008 no
Namatala HC III 2008 no
Namakwekwe HC III 2008 no
Busamaga HC III 2008 no
TASO Mbalec 2008 no
Total   10 health facilities
  1. a PMTCT services that were provided include HIV testing, nevirapine for mothers and babies. All health facilities were referring infants for early HIV diagnosis to the Joint Clinic Research Centre (JCRC) in Mbale town.
  2. b Hosts the largest monthly TASO outreach clinic where PMTCT and ART services are provided
  3. cTASO does not have her own maternity services but refers pregnant women in the PMTCT programme to nearby health facilities for delivery mainly Mbale Hospital.
  4. d The average monthly new ANC attendance was 700 for Mbale hospital, 200 for TASO, and ranged between 180-200 for HC IVs and 55-70 for health centre IIIs.