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Table 3 Overview of outcome measures & variables in this study

From: Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary care program on recovery and return to work of patients after gynaecological surgery; design of a randomized controlled trial

Outcome measures & variables T0
2 wks after surgery
6 wks after surgery
12 wks after surgery
26 wks after surgery
   1) Return to worka   measured monthlye
   2) Total duration of sick leavea   measured monthlye
   3) First RTWa   measured monthlye
   4) Recovery      
• Recovery specific QoL (RI-10) X X X X X
• Performed activities    X   
• Performed activities measured by e-health interventionb, c   at least 2, 4, 7, 14, 21, 28, 42, 56, 84 days after surgery  
   5) Functional and general health status (SF36, EuroQoL) X    X X
   6) Pain intensity (Von Korff)    X X X
   7) Empowerment (GSES)   X X X  
   8) Health care usage (TicP)     X X
   9) Occurrence of complications during the post-operative period    X X X
• Complications measured by e-health interventionb, c   at least 7, 14, 21, 28, 42, 56, 84, 126 and 182 days after surgery
Prognostic variables      
   10) Socio-demographic variables X     
   11) Type of surgery X     
   12) Complications during surgery    X   
   13) Work-related factors (DMQ, JCQ, additional questions) X     
   14) Pain perception and fear avoidance belief (Tampa scale) X     
   15) Sick leave duration in the past three months X     
   16) Expectations, intention and motivation for return to work X     
Process evaluation      
   17) Patients attitudes, opinions and compliance regarding the convalescence recommendations and tools of the e-health interventiona   X X X X
   18) Physicians' and employers' attitude en opinion regarding the multidisciplinary care programb     X  
   19) Satisfaction with care program and care providers (e.g. PSOHQ)     X  
   20) Use of the e-health interventionb   X   X  
   21) Suggestions for improvement of the e-health intervention   X   X  
   22) Provided convalescence recommendations by the care providers according to the patients   X    
  1. a Return to work and total duration of sick leave is measured by a monthly calendar of sickness absence.
  2. b Only measured in the intervention group
  3. c Besides the standard requested time points, the patients can fill out the recovery monitor/complication form as many times as requested
  4. d The baseline questionnaire will be filled out no longer than four weeks before the day of surgery.
  5. e Measured from day of surgery