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Table 1 Structure of the e-health intervention [17]

From: Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary care program on recovery and return to work of patients after gynaecological surgery; design of a randomized controlled trial

Tool Content Involved stakeholders
1. Compose a work reintegration plan ■ Tool to compose a detailed reintegration plan with adaptations for work if necessary. ➢ Patient, Employer, OP
2. Resume normal activities ■ Tool to compose detailed advice about when normal (private) activities can be carried out again ➢ Patient, family
3. Evaluate complications ■ Estimate severity and consequences of a complication ➢ Patient, gynaecologist
4. Recovery Monitor ■ Monitoring recovery and offering assistance when relevant ➢ Patient
5. Satisfaction with recommendations ■ Evaluation and explanation of convalescence recommendations ➢ Patient
6. Satisfaction with the recovery process ■ Evaluation of satisfaction with recovery and reintegration process. Provision of advice regarding which care provider(s) to approach to receive appropriate help, when relevant. ➢ Patient
7. Invite Employer ■ Invite employer for (anonymous) section of the website which includes video (see below) and recommendations ➢ Patient, Employer
8. Video ■ Illustrate common pitfalls during the peri-operative and reintegration period ➢ Patient, employer, gynaecologist
9. Recommendations for employee ■ Advice for a successful reintegration ➢ Patient
10. Recommendations for employer ■ Advice for appropriate involvement regarding employee during the peri-operative and reintegration period ➢ Employer
11. Frequently asked questions ■ Extensive list of answers and pictures to most frequently asked questions ➢ Patient
12. Glossary ■ Explanation of most frequently used medical terms ➢ Patient
13. Forum ■ Ability to interact in public or through private messages with other patients ➢ Patient
14. Links to other websites ■ Relevant websites concerning the peri-operative and reintegration period ➢ Patient
15. Guidelines ■ Well-defined convalescence recommendations after hysterectomy and laparoscopic adnexal surgery ➢ Gynaecologists
  1. Structure of the e-health intervention to empower gynaecological patients during the peri-operative period, including return to normal activities and work