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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria and search string

From: Determinants of patient choice of healthcare providers: a scoping review

Inclusion criteria - written in English
  - concerns factors influencing patient choice or general choice theories regarding choices in health care
  - factors focused on are studied from a patient perspective or are determined by means of patient registration data analysis
  - does not solely concern the organization of a country’s health insurance system
  - reports empirical research (is not a commentary)
  - is a scientific paper
Post-hoc exclusion criteria - reports
  - studies before 1995
  - studies from non-Western countries
Search string in PubMed ("patient choice"[TIAB] OR "patients choice"[TIAB] OR "patients' choice"[TIAB] OR "consumer choice"[TIAB] OR "consumers choice"[TIAB]) AND (provider[TIAB] OR providers[TIAB] OR hospital[TIAB] OR hospitals[TIAB] OR physician[TIAB] OR physicians[TIAB] OR doctor[TIAB] OR doctors[TIAB])