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Table 3 Interview topics

From: How healthcare professionals respond to parents with religious objections to vaccination: a qualitative study

  Main topic Additional questions
1 Spontaneous questions or remarks of orthodox Protestant parents on the topic of vaccination - On medical aspects / adverse reactions / religious aspects / catch up vaccinations / regrets following vaccination / other aspects
   - Response to these questions
2 Raising the topic of vaccination during consultations - When, why and how?
3 Insight into parental decision making - Time of decision making and reconsideration:
   newborns /epidemics
   - Specific circumstances:
   travel / work / wounds (tetanus)
   - Decision-making process:
   influence of partner /family /friends
   influence of clergymen and church members
   - Decisive factors in decision-making
4 Experience working in communities with low vaccination coverage  
5 Affinity with orthodox Protestant religion