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Table 2 Morbidity, healthcare availability, utilization and cost in the sampled population

From: Hardship financing of healthcare among rural poor in Orissa, India

  Mean (± SE)a
Total health expenditure last year for household (PPP$)b 167.34 (± 5.14)
Distance to preferred hospital (in minutes) 52.48 (± 0.54)
Distance to preferred primary care practitioner (in minutes) 30.40 (± 0.40)
  % of total
Household with chronic ill person 10.5
Household with hospitalization costs last year 23.5
Household with outpatient care costs last year 83.8
Household with maternity costs last year 14.4
Household with any healthcare costs last year 85.1
Hospital household usually goes to  
   Private 6.3
   Public 93.7
Preferred primary care practitioner household usually goes to  
   Traditional healer 36.6
   Government facility 50.4
   Unqualified private doctor (non-MBBS)c 7.6
   AYUSH practitionerd 3.2
   Qualified private doctor/specialist (MBBS) 2.2
  1. a SE = Standard Error.
  2. b Total health expenditure last year for household expressed in Purchasing Power Parity International Dollar.
  3. c Unqualified private doctor (non-MBBS) is a doctor practicing allopathic medicine without having a medical degree (Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery).
  4. d AYUSH is the aggregate of all qualified systems of traditional medicines in India: Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.