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Table 5 Themes and sub-themes of the focus group

From: Reasons behind non-adherence of healthcare practitioners to pediatric asthma guidelines in an emergency department in Saudi Arabia

Main themes Sub-themes
Factors related to the PAMP · Lack of clear development and dissemination plan of the protocol
  · Lack of implementation strategy
  · Lack of recommendations suitable for the characteristics of some patients seen in PED
Factors related to healthcare providers · Language barrier between nurses and parents.
  · Lack of awareness of the protocol
  · Lack of familiarity with the recommendation of the protocol.
  · Disagreement with recommendation
Factors related to the organization · Staff and bed shortage
  · Deficient outpatient referral system
  · Availability and cost of certain devices
  1. PAMP = Pediatric Asthma Management Protocol. PED = Pediatric Emergency Department.