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Table 1 Participant details

From: Exploring barriers to participation and adoption of telehealth and telecare within the Whole System Demonstrator trial: a qualitative study

ID gender Age Index condition for telehealth (TH)or telecare (TC) Site Carer/partner present
ID4 α M 72 Diabetes N  
ID32 W 35 TC N Y* (both parents)
ID27 W 78 Diabetes (COPD) N N
ID31 W 61 Diabetes N  
ID33 M 66 COPD (HF) N Y
ID34 M 69 HF N  
ID133α W 67 TC N  
ID5 α M 70 HF N  
ID25 W 89 COPD N Y
ID28 M 85 COPD N Y
ID29 M 68 Diabetes N Y
ID35 M 69 Diabetes N  
ID136 W 92 Diabetes (arthritis) K  
ID134 M 70 COPD (lung cancer) K Y*
ID135 M 82 HF K  
ID161 M 23 TC K Y*
ID160 α W 64 TC K Y*
ID146 M 71 Diabetes K  
ID145 M 90 HF C Y
ID156§ α M 85 COPD N  
ID92§ M 73 Diabetes (heart and lung problems) K  
ID89§ W 83 Diabetes K  
  1. Additional conditions as described by respondent in brackets.
  2. N = Newham, K = Kent, C = Cornwall.
  3. * Interviewee was carer(s) alone.
  4. § Withdrew from the trial.
  5. α Had formerly immigrated from countries in South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe; these participants spoke English as a second language.