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Table 1 Outcomes for SMARTSteps, a quasi-experimental evaluation trial of a language-concordant automated telephone diabetes self-management health plan intervention

From: Quasi-experimental trial of diabetes Self-Management Automated and Real-Time Telephonic Support (SMARTSteps) in a Medicaid managed care plan: study protocol

Variable Instrument
Primary outcome variables  
Functional status SF-12 [51]
Days confined to bed due to illness
Secondary outcome variables  
Diabetes self-management behaviors Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities (SDSCA) measure [52]
Self-reported medication adherence Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities (SDSCA) measure [52]
Diabetes self-efficacy Patient self-management scale derived from questionnaire used in the Diabetes Quality Improvement Project [54]
Patient-centeredness of care Patient Assessment of Care for Chronic Conditions (PACIC) [55]
Interpersonal processes of care (IPC) [56]
Glycemic control Hemoglobin A1c
Blood pressure control Systolic and diastolic blood pressure
Cholesterol control Low-density lipoprotein
Quality of care Proportions receiving hemoglobin A1c and blood pressure measurement within 6 months [43, 47]
  Proportions receiving LDL and microalbumin/creatinine measurement within 12 months [43, 47]
  Proportion receiving retinal examination within 12 months [43, 47]
  Proportion receiving influenza and pneumococcal vaccination [43, 47]
Utilization Emergency department