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Table 4 Examples of the coding process (translated)

From: Factors influencing integration of TB services in general hospitals in two regions of China: a qualitative study

Transcripts Condensed meaning Sub-themes Themes
"Our doctors normally would not admit the general TB patients and referral of severe TB patients is their responsibility. If we admit the general TB patients, other patients will complain. Especially the migrant patients, [who] do not have medical insurance so they can't be reimbursed for the inpatient cost". (SC, hospital staff) "Doctors normally not admit the general TB patients, referral of severe TB patients, other patients will complain admitting the general TB patients, migrant patients did not have medical insurance." impact of resource allocation on hospitalization
(patient-centredness, public health approach)
resource allocation
"The health bureau organizes 4-5 special meetings for the CDC and designated hospital annually. The coordination from health bureau is effective. For example, the hospital tried to minimize the distribution of the case management allowance (to community doctors) and it was the health bureau that solved the problem. Our coordination with hospital is generally getting better and better." (GN, CDC staff) "Health bureau organizes 4-5 special meetings annually, coordination from health bureau effective, hospital minimized case management allowance, health bureau solved problem, coordination better and better." role of health bureau
relationship between CDC and hospital
management coordination