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Table 1 Comparison of TB functions between the CDC and integrated model

From: Factors influencing integration of TB services in general hospitals in two regions of China: a qualitative study

Functions The CDC model The integrated model
Identify suspected cases of TB All health facilities All health facilities
Diagnose and confirm TB CDC Designated hospital
Prescribe treatment for TB CDC Designated hospital
Perform clinical follow-up CDC Designated hospital
Record and report cases CDC Designated hospital
Supervise treatment or assign treatment observer Community-based health facilities Community-based health facilities
Follow up on defaulters, train hospital staff, supervise networks, laboratory EQA, monitor and evaluate, provide supplies and medicine CDC CDC
  1. NB: In the both models, community-based health services, ie, township hospitals and village clinics play an important role in TB control. However, their roles are only limited on referring the TB cases or suspects to the CDC or the designated hospital, supporting the CDC to conduct the defaulter tracing, and providing treatment supervisions for the TB patients.