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Table 2 Description of costs

From: An economic evaluation of adaptive e-learning devices to promote weight loss via dietary change for people with obesity

Description Mean Value Distribution^ Source
CVD fatal event £3,058 Gamma (9, 0.00295) Warren* [40]
CVD non-fatal event £3,648 Gamma (9, 0.002469) Warren* [40]
Annual cost of non-fatal CVD event £876 Gamma (9, 0.010309) Warren* [40]
Annual cost of T2D £724 Gamma (9, 0.0125) Ara [41], NICE Guideline* [33]
Annual cost attributable to orlistat £715 N/A BNF [43], Foxcroft [38]
Annual cost of e-leaning device £140 (SE £234) Gamma (0.3549, 0.002535) McConnon$[24]
Fixed cost of e-learning device £854 N/A McConnon$[24]
Annual cost of conventional care £226 (SE £329) Gamma (0.479, 0.002088) McConnon$[24]
  1. *Indicates that mean values were derived from this source but measures of variance were not reported. In these instances, standard errors were based on one third of the mean value.
  2. $An extended report relating to the published economic was supplied by the authors.
  3. ^parameterised as required in TreeAge Pro 2009, Gamma ~ (α, λ).