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Table 1 Intervention List

From: Standardizing admission and discharge processes to improve patient flow: A cross sectional study

Discharge process management interventions: Admission process management interventions:
▪ Enhance multidisciplinary teamwork: doctor, nurse, house officer and central admissions unit. ▪ Bed Management by a central admissions team planning and scheduling patient flows: right patient, right place and right time.
▪ Set a planned date for discharge on day of admission or at pre-admission, using protocols for common conditions with <72-h expected length of stay. ▪ Central admissions in a Surgery Admission Unit.
▪ Discharge planned 24-h in advance for >72-h expected length of stay. ▪ Patients admitted on the same day of surgery.
▪ Nurse-led discharge. ▪ Enhance day-surgery rates of selected processes.
▪ Plan discharge needs: discharge report, pharmacy prescriptions, sanitary transport, home care, etc. ▪ Avoid “on the day” cancellations of elective patients.