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Table 2 Examples of questions asked during interviews

From: Experiences of dental care: what do patients value?

Opening questions

We are going to start by talking about oral health.

When I say oral/dental health, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Everyone’s experience of oral/dental health is different. In your own case:

▪How would you describe your oral/dental health at the moment?

▪How important to you is attending a dental appointment? Why?

▪In general, what do you expect to get from your dental appointment?

▪Could you describe a typical visit to the dentist?

▪What is it that you like about seeing the dentist?

▪What is it that you dislike about seeing the dentist?

Transitional questions

Now we are going to talk about changes to your oral health and dental care.

If you think back in the last year, how many times did you visit the dentist?

Could you tell me about what led you to go or not go?

Could you tell me what happened during those visits (what kind of treatment?)

▪Has the care you received changed in the last 2 years?

▪How has it changed?

▪What was it like before?

▪What do you think made it change?

▪Who and what was important in this process?

▪How do you feel about this change?

If you could change the dental care that you receive, how would you change it? How would you like it to be different?

Over the past two years, your dentist introduced a new system for the treatment of tooth decay.

▪Do you remember hearing or being told about this system in the practice?

▪Can you tell me the story of how you found out about it?

▪How did you feel about it?

▪Did you have any opportunity to follow the system?

·If so: what tasks were you able to perform?

·If so: what made it possible for you to perform those tasks?

·If so: did it make any difference for you?

Concluding questions

Now I am just going to sum up what I think I have learned about your oral health over the last two years [SUM UP HERE]. Does that sound right? Now, can I just double check with you to make sure I haven’t missed anything?

▪Is there anything else that has changed in your relationship with your dentist?

▪Is there anything else that has changed in your understanding of your teeth?

▪Is there anything else that has changed in the way you look after your teeth?

▪Is there anything else you think I should know?

▪Is there anything you would like to ask me?