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Table 5 Barriers, facilitators and incentives to the development of CDM by group of participants at the patients’ level

From: Chronic disease management: a qualitative study investigating the barriers, facilitators and incentives perceived by Swiss healthcare stakeholders

   Patients Physicians Nursing staff Pharmacists Health insurers DPH Companies proposing CDM
Barrier Difficulties to change patients’ habits   x x     x
Facilitators Supposition of a favourable opinion of patients on CDM   x    x x  
Adaptation of CDM to patients needs x x x x x x x
Reinforcement of patients’ responsibility in care x x x x x x  
More self-management education classes x x x   x x x
Check the patients’ understanding of information   x      x
Incentives Quality incentives x x x x x x x
Financial incentives   x x   x x x