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Table 4 Barriers, facilitators and incentives to CDM development by group of participants at the professionals’ level

From: Chronic disease management: a qualitative study investigating the barriers, facilitators and incentives perceived by Swiss healthcare stakeholders

   Patients Physicians Nursing staff Pharmacists Health insurers DPH Companies proposing CDM prog.
Barriers Lack of autonomy and freedom of practise with CDM   x x    x  
Corporatism   x x    x x
Shortage of physicians and inappropriate GP/specialists ratio x x x   x   x
Inertia with lack of interest    x x x x x
GP’s lack of motivation   x x   x x x
Facilitators Mentality and culture change to accept CDM     x   x x
Common will    x   x x x
Definition of the role of each professionals’   x x   x x  
Designation of a care coordinator   x x   x x x
GP as the care coordinator   x    x x  
Availability of CDM training x x x    x x
Incentives Quality incentives x x x x x x x
Financial incentives x x x x x x x
Integration of CDM into services usually reimbursed   x x    x