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Table 3 Organizational and structural barriers and facilitators to CDM development by group of participants

From: Chronic disease management: a qualitative study investigating the barriers, facilitators and incentives perceived by Swiss healthcare stakeholders

   Patients Physicians Nursing staff Pharmacists Health insurers DPH Companies proposing CDM prog.
Barriers Fear of data transparency    x    x  
Lack of statistics on chronic disease patients   x     x  
Facilitators Development of CDM on the basis of existing structure x x x    x  
Independent management of CDM by health care professionals    x     
Clear stages and functioning of CDM   x x    x  
Positive attitude to CDM x x x x x x x
Comprehensive care with CDM   x x   x   x
Improved coordination between hospital and ambulatory care   x    x x  
Setting of tools and use of guidelines within CDM x x    x x x