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Table 2 Financial barriers, facilitators and incentives to CDM development by group of participants

From: Chronic disease management: a qualitative study investigating the barriers, facilitators and incentives perceived by Swiss healthcare stakeholders

   Patients Physicians Nursing staff Pharmacists Health insurers DPH Companies proposing CDM prog.
Barriers Who can pay for CDM x x x x x x x
Costs increasing with CDM development   x x     
Cost decreasing in HMO due to risk selection     x   x  
Lack of motivation of health insurer to reimburse CDM x      x x
Facilitators Proofs of cost-effectiveness of CDM   x x   x x x
Reimbursement of CDM components by health insurance companies adopting long term vision x x    x x  
Costs decreasing with CDM development x x     x  
Cost stability   x x   x   x
Incentive Better risk compensation scheme to motivate health insurances to reimburse CDM x      x x