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Table 3 Summary comments of other challenges facing the hospitals

From: Migrating from user fees to social health insurance: exploring the prospects and challenges for hospital management

Operational challenge Description
High workload - One of the major concerns was that the increased utilisation has put so much pressure on the limited medical staff in the facilities. There is large health worker-patient ratio and this affects the provision of responsive care.
  - Inadequate numbers of health staff was mentioned as a key cause of long waiting hours.
  - The absence of people with professional knowledge of claims processing and management.
Logistics/equipment - Lack of ambulance for referrals especially on emergency cases.
  - Lack of sophisticated surgical equipments to reduce referrals of cases to the regional hospitals.
  - Inadequate medical equipments.
  - The absence of operating theatres in the facilities to cope with new and emerging diseases.
Medication - Many of the complaints related to the fact that the Essential Drug List (EDL) does not adequately cover a wide range of drugs. It is therefore difficult for patients to comprehend why they are not entitled to unlimited drugs under the scheme.
Networking - Networking is a problem. As a result, some patients present expired ID cards with valid dates on them for treatment.
  - The absence of effective networking system makes activities of hospitals more difficult.
  - Because the system is not properly networked, there were instances when unregistered members scan their passport size pictures on ID cards of active members in order to receive medical care.