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Table 1 Theoretical framework for classifying barriers and drivers, based on Grol and Cabana[2628]

From: Medication reconciliation at hospital admission and discharge: insufficient knowledge, unclear task reallocation and lack of collaboration as major barriers to medication safety

Levels Sublevels
Innovation Complexity, Compatibility, Credibility, Accessibility, Amount of information, Feasibility, Attractiveness, Advantage, Utility, Usefulness
Health care professionals Cognition, Awareness, Attitude, Motivation to change, Knowledge, Education
Patients Compliance, Polypharmacy, Multiple co-morbidity, Knowledge, Skills, Attitude
Social context Culture of social network, Opinion of colleagues, Leadership, Collaboration, Social learning
Organisation Organisation of care processes, Organisational structure, Time, Staff, Capacities, Resources, ICT infrastructure
Economic context Financial support
Political and legal context Social developments, Political developments and policies, Legal obligations and regulations