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Table 4 Examples of items from the work practice survey at site B

From: Acceptability of participatory social network analysis for problem-solving in Australian Aboriginal health service partnerships

Item High level agreement Mean (max) Lower level agreement Mean (max)
Team vision (team climate inventory) The goals of the program are worthwhile to the Aboriginal community. 6.2 (7) The goals of the program are clearly understood, and these goals can be achieved. 4.9 (7)
Task orientation (team climate inventory) Program workers are concerned about achieving the highest standards of performance. 5.0 (7) The program evaluates potential weaknesses to achieve best possible outcomes. 3.8 (7)
Interaction frequency (team climate inventory) Staff keep in regular contact. 3.3 (5) Team members have frequent formal meetings. 2.5 (5)
Team work factors (work practice questionnaire) The skills of the team mean that the team is well equipped to respond. 3.7 (4) Morale is high among the team. 3.2 (4)
In general, team members have good relationships with other program staff. 3.7 (4)
  1. Separation into higher and lower level agreement on items for which the confidence intervals did not cross.