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Table 3 Survey questions and link definitions

From: Acceptability of participatory social network analysis for problem-solving in Australian Aboriginal health service partnerships

Question Link definition
1a. Who do you give clinical information to? Clinical information is defined as the exchange of information about the client’s condition/illness and the treatment and care of that condition.
1b Who do you receive clinical information from?
2a Who do you give cultural information to? Cultural information is defined as exchange of information about the customs of Aboriginal people (identity, habits, language and communication, laws and morals, connections to land, family and community).
2b Who do you receive cultural information from?
3. Who do you undertake team care with? Team care is defined as joining with other workers to provide health care.
4. Who do you undertake management and planning of services with? Management and planning of services is defined as joining with other workers about the organisation of resources (staff, funding, equipment) and the development of strategies so that services can achieve their goals.
5. Who do you undertake policy development with? Policy development is defined as joining with other workers in the negotiation and preparation of statements at local, regional and statewide level.