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Table 2 Eligibility and exclusion criteria of TERVA trial

From: Health coaching by telephony to support self-care in chronic diseases: clinical outcomes from The TERVA randomized controlled trial

Eligibility criteria for enrollment included:
1. Residents in the region of Päijät-Häme aged 45 years or older
2. One of the following diagnose
a. Heart failure with NYHA II or III, and a history of hospital admission for heart failure within the last 2 years
b. History of myocardial infarction or cardiac revascularization procedure, and one of the following (treated or untreated): blood pressure above 140/85 mmHg, total serum cholesterol concentration
>4.5 mmol/L, serum LDL concentration >2.5 mmol/L
c. T2D on medication and serum HbA1c >7% without clinically evident cardiovascular diseases e.g. MI, stroke, peripheral vascular disease
Exclusion criteria:
Inability to cooperate or participate
Life expectancy less than 1 year
Patients with major elective surgery planned within 6 months
Patient has had major surgery within the last 2 months