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Table 1 Outcomes of the process evaluation

From: Usefulness and acceptability of a standardised orientation and mobility training for partially-sighted older adults using an identification cane

Outcome measures Operationalisation Measurement
   SCR Qt TIp
Population reached General characteristics of the participants and trainers +   
  Target population and proportion of the intended target population + +  
  Number of participants that refused, dropped out or completed training and reasons for withdrawal   +  
Self-reported benefit or achievement Benefit regarding the training according to trainers   +  
  Benefit regarding the training according to participants    +
  Use of identification cane in daily life   + +
  Achievement regarding to training goals   +  
Experienced barriers and potential solutions Deviations of each session element*   +  
  Main goal, strong and weak aspects of the training   + +
  Hampering and encouraging factors of the standardised training*   +  
  Matters for improvement – materials and standardised training*   +  
Extent to which intervention was performed according to protocol Format, preparation time and duration of the session   +  
  Per session element: performance, duration and participation by participant*   +  
  Extent to which participant achieved training goals*   +  
Participants’ exposure to and engagement in the training Total number of sessions   +  
  Use of materials*   +  
  Opinion of trainer/participants regarding participant’s engagement   + +
  Extent to which participants complied with contracts*   +  
  Quality of action plans formulated by participant*   +  
Opinion about the training Overall opinion about the training by trainer and participant   + +
  Opinion regarding number, duration and progress of the sessions by trainer and participant   + +
  Opinion regarding comprehensibility of the training    +
  Opinion regarding number of extra sessions needed and whether the participant’s need for mobility support was met   + +
  Burden experienced by participant   +  
  Recommendation of the training to others   +  
  Overall opinion about the trainer   + +
  1. SCR = registration form and interview to screen for eligibility; Qt = semi-structured process questionnaire completed by the O&M-trainer for each participant after completion of the training or after a maximum of three training sessions; TIp = pre-structured 25-minute process interview by telephone with the participants at 8 weeks after the start of the training.