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Table 2 Evaluation framework for the SHAPE intervention

From: The acceptability, feasibility and impact of a lay health counsellor delivered health promoting schools programme in India: a case study evaluation

Theme Research Questions Quantitative Process Indicators Qualitative themes
Feasibility Was it possible to deliver the programme as planned? Proportion of target activities (SHPAB meetings, health camps, and life skills sessions) delivered Programme coordinator, SHC, school management, teacher and student perceptions of barriers and facilitators
What were the major barriers and facilitators?
Acceptability Were the services thought to be adding value? number of submissions to the Speak Out Box School management, teacher, student, and parent perceptions of need for and appropriateness of programme, and of adequacy of SHC skills
Were the services used? number of students accessing individual counselling
Was the SHC considered capable of delivering the services?
Impact In what ways did the programme improve the health and wellbeing of the students and influence the overall environment of the school? Number of students who attended health camps, were identified as having problems, and sought follow up care Qualitative evidence of impact from interviews with all stakeholders