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Table 1 Brokerage Roles, according to Fernandez and Gould[30]

From: Information seeking for making evidence-informed decisions: a social network analysis on the staff of a public health department in Canada

Coordinator The broker (middle node) is from the same group as the source and destination individuals: A-- > A-- > A (all nodes belong to same group)
Gate-keeper the broker connects a source from another group to a destination in his/her own group: B-- > A-- > A (source belongs to different group)
Representative the broker connects his/her own group member to an individual from another group: A-- > A-- > B (recipient belongs to different group)
Consultant the broker comes from another group and connects two people from the same group with each other: In a B-- > A-- > B (broker belongs to different group)
Liaison the source, broker, and destination individuals are all from different groups: B-- > A-- > C (all nodes belong to different groups)