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Table 2 Access to services for stroke patients in the community *

From: Community-based post-stroke service provision and challenges: a national survey of managers and inter-disciplinary healthcare staff in Ireland

  PHN* PT* OT* SLT* Dietetics Social work Psychology
Access Very good Reasonable Reasonable-very limited Very/quite limited Absent-very limited Absent-very limited Absent-very limited
Equal access for under 65 years/65+ years Very good Very good Limited(65+ mainly) Very good Absent (65+ only) Absent (65+ only) Absent (no service); ABI: under 65 only
Limited duration of treatment No In most cases In many cases In many cases Absent(lack of service) Absent (lack of service) Absent (no service) ABI: Exception
  1. *PHN = Public Health Nurse.
  2. *PT = Physiotherapy.
  3. *OT = Occupational therapy.
  4. *SLT = Speech and language therapy.