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Table 1 Search terms for the scoping literature review using Web of Science and Medline

From: Assessing barriers to health insurance and threats to equity in comparative perspective: The Health Insurance Access Database

Primary search term Outcome Restriction 1 Focus on the data collection instrument
· Cover* or insur* or uninsured · Health Privat* · Mandat*
· Insurance coverage · inequal* OR access* OR qualit*   · Deductible
    · Criteri* AND (enrol* OR eligab*)
    · Citizen* OR residen* OR immig*
    · Income OR age-based
    · Welfare
    · Child*
    · Elderly OR seniors OR age-based
    · Disab*
    · Chronic condition/chronic disease
    · insur* OR cover* OR uninsured
    · individual health insurance OR employer health insurance OR community rated premium OR individual risk insurance coverage tax or tax break
    · Voluntary
    · Enrol*
    · Automat*
    · Application
    · Renewal
    · Premium
    · Copay*
    · Co-pay*
    · Cost-shar*
    · Duplicat*
    · Double
    · parallel
    · Complement*
    · Supplement*
    · Compuls*
    · Mandat*
    · Salutat*
    · Regulat* OR enrol* OR risk adjustment OR cream skimming
    ·renew* or lifetime cover* or fee
  1. Notes: These search terms were used in combinations of the four columns above, with the Boolean term AND. General inclusion criteria: Article type: Article and review; Language: English; Countries excluded: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, Slovakia, Qatar, Peru, Malaysia, Madagascar, Lebanon, Indonesia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Nigeria, Bahamas, Czech Republic, Ghana, India, Iran, Kenya.
  2. Analytic inclusion criteria: 1) Deal with one of the topics of the question; 2) Outcome examined: inequality, access, quality, health outcomes; 3) If however, there were lack of studies on examining the outcomes, then coverage used as an outcome. Analytic exclusion criteria: 1) policy papers; 2) commentary; 3) proposals on how to fix the system.