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Table 3 Participation in individual CART activities and condom use (all ages) in 2010: bivariate analysis

From: Impact of community-based interventions on condom use in the Tłįchǫ region of Northwest Territories, Canada

3a) Safe condom use behaviours
CART activity Among participants Among non-participants OR 95%CI
Assembly booth – annual 3-day regional event where CART runs a sexual health education booth. 97/159 457/648 0.65 0.45-0.96
Weekend outreach van –run during 3-4 high risk weekends / year (i.e. holidays, hand games, etc) from 11PM to 3AM targeting high risk areas / individuals. 49/87 499/712 0.55 0.34-0.91
Interviews and group discussions –of baseline results for further input on findings. 68/126 479/673 0.47 0.32-0.72
Community presentations – of baseline findings and conversations about sexual health in the community. 98/161 453/641 0.65 0.45-0.95
Condom distribution program –makes condoms regularly available in all public washrooms across the region. 74/122 477/678 0.65 0.43-1.00
Youth safe house- provides safe place for youth who live in high risk homes during the Christmas holidays. 37/72 511/723 0.44 0.26-0.75
3b) Condom use during last sexual encounter
CART activity Among participants Among non-participants OR 95%CI
Weekend outreach van 60/86 417/734 1.75 1.08-3.11
Dreamcatchers workshop - annual conference in Edmonton that CART helps organize 85/122 393/698 1.78 1.18-2.86
Suicide prevention presentations – one time event to address immediate suicide issues in the region 86/129 390/691 1.54 1.04-2.40
Regional youth conference – annual event that addresses social and health related issues including sexual health 106/156 369/664 1.69 1.17-2.55
  1. * Associations were tested with all of the CART activities including assembly booth, weekend outreach van, interviews and group discussions, community presentations, Dreamcatchers workshop, CART Facebook site, condom distribution program, World AIDS day, suicide prevention workshops, youth safe house, and the regional youth conference.