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Table 4 Multivariate analysis of risk factors for pre-eclampsia and sepsis

From: Male responsibility and maternal morbidity: a cross-sectional study in two Nigerian states

   Cross River
  OR1adjusted Cluster adjusted 95%CI OR1adjusted Cluster adjusted 95%CI
Pre-eclampsia Bauchi and Cross River   
IPV last year 1.39 1.17-1.65   
IPV during this pregnancy 1.27 1.01-1.58   
Rural residence 1.38 1.17-1.62   
FGM 1.15 1.02-1.29   
  Bauchi n=6992 Cross River n=7671
IPV in last year 1.4 1.22-1.61 2.29 1.42-3.68
IPV in last pregnancy 1.27 1.06-1.53   
Did not feel cared for during pregnancy 1.35 1.15-1.59 1.65 1.21-2.24
Age over 30 years 1.18 1.03-1.34   
FGM 1.21 1.08-1.40   
  1. 1 Odds Ratio for the association between the variable and maternal morbidity, adjusted for all other variables in the final multivariate model. The initial model was based on the covariates in Table 2